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* [[Low-noise RF Preamplifier]]
* [[Low-noise RF Preamplifier]]
* [[Low-cost 1 Watt RF power amplifier (in progress)]]
== Links to other Wikis in the Wald Group ==
== Links to other Wikis in the Wald Group ==

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Radio Frequency Laboratory of the Wald Group at MGH

This page contains resources for RF coil design, fabrication, and testing related to the work conducted in the RF Lab of the | Magnetic Resonance Physics and Instrument Group (MR-PIGs), led by Dr. Lawrence Wald, at the A. A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA.

NEW (August 2020): Version 1 of a low-cost Mini Circuits-based RF low noise preamplifier added

NEW (March 2020): A few small bugs have been fixed on the fiber optic interface board. New versions of the board files are now available.

NEW (July 2019): Revision C of the open-source shim amplifier are now available online. Please see Current driver section below.

(JULY 2016): MATLAB code is now available for multi-coil shimming simulations. The code includes helmet-style wire patterns and a constrained optimization script for finding optimal shim currents for B0 shimming of the brain. Please see the Multi-coil B0 shimming section below.

This page is under construction -- thank you for your patience as we upload materials...


Links to other Wikis in the Wald Group