Low-cost 1 Watt RF power amplifier (in progress)

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Low-cost, 800mA RF power amplifier used for tabletop MRI scanners to drive small solenoid coils (~1cm diameter NMR sample tubes). This board uses the Motorola MHW592 RF amplifier module, which is obsolete, but available on eBay. The board runs on 24 Volts and includes a linear regulator and blanking circuit controlled by a gating signal from the spectrometer. The blanking cuts power to the RFPA quickly (for instance to eliminate unwanted RF noise during signal readout).

Datasheet for MHW592: https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/1114767/Motorola/MHW592/1

Click here to download EAGLE board files (layout and schematic), GERBER files, and Bill of Materials.